Fully loaded Final Cut Studio 2.

Comes with oodles of storage, from weeks of Dv to days of HD

Offline or Online. DV, SD, HD 720 HD1080 and HDV

Complete with 100s of plugins - 1000s of spot effects and sound effects

Grade one picture monitor, HD flatscreen client monitor, Broadcast audio monitoring

All in a nice big quiet room, or in your offices.


Colour correction, as you would expect from a high end finishing suite.

This is more than FCPs colour corrector, it is a Pogle in a box.

Allowing full creative freedom to grade even the most demanding shots.

Primary and secondary colour correction, curves, Davinci style colour remapping, and

Tree based colour processing, for more demanding shots.

Avid Xpress pro 5

Dv only offline solution from avid.

Comes with plugins and graphics software.

Also available

Digital rostrum camera and animation software.

Photoshop, Motion, Soundtrack

After Effects, DVD Studio Pro 4

Tascam Da88, mics, mixers etc.

James Marshall Editing

Avid -  Final Cut